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Written by Jiexiao Ying 2018.12.11
Translated by Yandong Li 2019.6

When I talked about New York City, I always cannot hold my excitement. Comparing with the New York in my friends’ eyes, I realized that mine is not only marked with landmarks that I have never really been to (the Empire State Building, Statue of Liberty, Brooklyn Bridge), cuisines from around the world (Unadon, Le Sia crayfish, Korean Town, Meet Fresh taro dessert), creative museum (Met Cloister, Tenement Museum), La Mama, Yangtze Rep Theatre, cultural districts (East Village, SOHO, Posteritati vintage movie posters), but more importantly, an arthouse theater map of New York!

New York’s cinemas provide me with the warmest corners – no matter the weather; no matter the mood of myself (and it is one of the cheapest ways to entertain). In particular, the art theater will screen the popular old classics (IFC Valentine’s Day Casablanca), Japanese anime (Metrograph showed EVA, Ghost in the Shell), various theme screenings, and even allow to eat ramen during the movies (see “Alamo Draft House: Paradise for Movie Lovers”). Cinema helped me to establish an emotional bond with the city of New York. I also want to pass on this happiness to everyone. Whether you are a New Yorker (you can join the New York Film Club to watch a movie together), or a visitor to do a deep tour, I hope this article is useful to you.

This project cannot be completed without my friends. I am especially grateful to the contributions of them! Thank you for sharing the memory of watching movies in New York and pouring them into the Pensieve of the New York arthouse Cinema. Now let’s go south on the movie map drawn by our memories!

* Ticket purchase method: Whether it is a film festival or a general screening, you can purchase tickets on the official website of the cinema, and show the electronic ticket on the mobile phone to enter the venue. If you don’t want to miss the screening, you can subscribe to the emails on the official website of each movie theater. For more ways to dig out movies, please refer to “North American Ticketing Raiders: Watching Movies, Spring”.

who loves New York and New Yorkers
I hope you can fall in love with New York too

Upper West Side


Film at Lincoln Center

Location: Walter Reade Theatre: 165 W. 65th St. (65th Street side)
Film at Lincoln Center – Elinor Bunin Munroe Film Center: 144 W 65th St (on the other side of 65th Street, with 140 seats of Francesca Beale Theater and 85 seats of Howard Gilman Theater)
Features: The mainstay of arthouse film, multi-film exhibition

Lincoln Center is a landmark of New York’s cultural events, and its film screenings are mainly at the Walter Reade Theatre, and also sometimes at the Elinor Bunin Munroe Film Center. In addition to the annual New York Film Festival (NYFF), there are new and old film screenings and more frequent themed film festivals (such as the Asian Film Festival, the New Director film festival etc.) or retrospectives. Most of the screening modes are digital cinema projection (DCP), while themed film festivals or retrospectives (such as the early queer film festival at the end of April) will have 35mm film screenings. Because of the limited number of cinemas, the film festivals that take place here are particularly long (one week to one month), and some films are only one or two in a series. Most directors will attend their film premiere here for their North America and even the world tour. @Yue

The 50-year-old Lincoln Center (formerly known as the Film Society of Lincoln Center, in order to attract a younger audience, they get rid of “society”) often holds a variety of film festivals. Recently the New York Asian Film Festival (2019.6.28- 7.14). The date of the New York Film Festival range from  209.9.27 to 10.13. Don’t miss the opportunity to buy a package in advance. There are 3 movie halls in the Lincoln Center. The specific name is in the upper right corner of the ticket. The theater is on both sides of the road. @Vivian

Landmark 57

Location: 657 West 57th Street
Features: comfortable and spacious, standard arthouse cinema

The most comfortable cinema, the seat can be adjusted back  (rare in New York CIty, more common in other places), large and comfortable space. The employees often walk to the edge of the screen and kindly reminded everyone the cinema manners. It was very human. The theater is located on the Hudson River, with a wide view of seabirds hovering. There are a lot of seniors in the cinema. Yes, they are the mainstream audience of American art movies (metrograph is a different kind). @Vivian

Upper East Side


Asia Society

Location: 725 Park Ave, New York, NY 10021
Features: the gathering place of famous artists

In October 2018, as part of the Innovative Chinese Culture Festival, the Asia Society presented a series of contemporary Chinese films, inviting Yang Mingming’s “The History of Tenderness”, Liu Jian’s “Big World”, etc. As a not-for-profit organization, this event is free. Wen Hui’s “Red” broke the boundaries between documentary and dance, and told about the physical discipline related to the “Red Detachment” and the collective memory of women of different ages. @Vivian

French Institute & Alliance Française (FIAF)

Location: 55 E 59th St
Features: French film, followed by a salon

FI.AF Florence Gould Hall is connected to FI.AF on 60th Street. It is the venue and cinema for many FI.AF events, and occasionally includes music and dance performances from Paris Opera and Ballet. The main hall is medium in size with comfortable seating and high quality sound like the film festival.

The theater features weekly seminars and screenings, as well as a special Tuesday afternoon/night CinéSalon collection. CinéSalon, as the name implies, is an event that combines the movie ciné with salon, with support from organizations including the French Embassy. Each season, FI.AF will organize a special theme for the invited star/director, focusing on the star/director’s portfolio, which will be specially introduced in French before each screening. Each season, there is a special symposium, and the actor/director will be invited to discuss the film with the audience. The selected film is usually in a multi-language format, mainly in French, but there is no need to worry because FI.AF provides screenings with English subtitles.

At the end of the screening, Le Val and Kronenbourg 1664 offer free drinks, which are fantastic  for a movie. The Paris Salon allows the audience to freely communicate outside the cinema. This is a great environment for people who are interested in francophone culture and history.

In terms of personal experience, once I met a seemingly very French gentleman, and he invited me to talk about the movie. It was only after the conversation I got to know he was a Greek and Italian engineer with a lot of enthusiasm for film, food and life. Such movie lovers are very common among the audience here, so the atmosphere is relaxed and the content is rich, which is a perfect French cultural exchange place in New York.

About the price: In the autumn of 2018, I decided to become a member of FI.AF because of my love for French culture. In view of the richness of resources and activities, the members of my choice has a good value for money, especially when purchasing FIAF cinema activities, and the CinéSalon series can be free. Regular fare is $14 and students have a 50% discount. @LadyStephani

Midtown Manhattan


Museum of Modern Art (MoMA)

Location: Titus 1/2 Theatre, 11 W. 53th St.
Features: Academic, Pioneer

MoMA’s film screenings are mainly based on retrospectives, such as the retrospective of Straub and Wheelett in early May 2016, the summer of Li Pingbin and the retrospective of Naomi Kawase. The annual film festival was also held at MoMA. For example, “Latel Spring”, which was shown in BJIFF and SIFF, was premiered at MoMA. The Japanese Shochiku Company sent representatives to attend the premiere event. MoMA has three common movie theaters, and the retrospective cycle is also very long, and the daily screenings are generally in the afternoon (weekends) and evenings. MoMA and the Lincoln Center also have cooperation, such as the annual New Directors/New Films. @Yue


In 2018, I watched “An Elephant Sitting Still” at MoMA. In 2019, the “Birds of the Suburbs” directed by Qiu Yu was released here and belonged to the “New Directors Exhibition”. With the museum’s voucher, you can watch the show for free, and the atmosphere is solemn. @Vivian


Japan Society

Location: 333 E. 47th St.
Features: Japanese new and old movies!

Every summer, Japan Cuts will showcase the new Japanese movies of the year, with some special movies, and release tickets every June. The audience can buy tickets in advance, and hit movies are going fast. In the summer of 2018, I watched Kiki Kirin’s “Still Walking”. It also screened films such as “Flower Basket”, “Spring is a bitter girl”, and the “Death” adapted from the animation. Usually, some movie screenings will be noticed in advance, such as the Hayao Miyazaki series. You can visit the museum before you watch a movie, and the museum itself have some of its own activities. @Caroline

AMC Empire25

Location: 234 W 42nd St, New York, NY 10036
Features: Cinema, Chinese, Bollywood * Generally not displayed on the A list app’s home page, you need to search

When Chinese movies are released on a small scale, AMC Empire25 is usually on the theater list. Although this is a commercial cinema, it is special. I have seen Zhang Yimou’s “Shadow” here, Bai Xue’s “The Crossing” (sometimes it is only showing for 2 weeks, so hurry). I always want to ask friends to experience the more joyful Bollywood movies. @Vivian

Lower Manhattan


Quad Cinema

Location: 34 W 13th St.
Features: cool decoration, martial arts movie

According to the official website, Quad is the first multi-screen cinema in New York. It was built in 1972 and reopened in 2016. It is said that this is the base of the martial arts, “Ash is Purest White” was the first released here in the United States, and the last one off the screen. @Vivian

There are four screens in the cinema, which are Q, U, A, and D (very straightforward names). In general, the theater and screen are relatively small, and each hall can be seated for about 50 people. The films shown are basically independent films. It likes to show independent productions from all over the world, and often have premieres, and the cast and crew will come for a  Q&A. In addition, there will be many retrospectives showing classic movies and the latest repaired version, as well as 35mm! @YOU

Village East Cinema

Location: 181-189 2nd Ave
Features: Jewish Yiddish style theater

The media field during the Tribeca movie was here, and I watched “One Child Nation” and “Lost Transmissions”. In December 18th, Wu Hao’s “People’s Republic of Desire” was shown here for a week. @Vivian

Fourth Wall Cinema (NYU Club)

Location: 721 Broadway, 6th Floor
Features: Free screening of the NYU Film Society every Friday night

Every Friday night during the semester, they organize to screen a foreign language film, which is open to the public from time to time. You can follow the Facebook page for details of each event. The club once invited director Yang Mingming to be the “female director”. The director Huang Xinyu talked about the “Big Buddha” short film and documentary, and screened five fragments and 120 possibilities 1997 experimental films “Blue Moon”, and of course other national directors such as Abyssin. The venue is a classroom for NYU cinema studies. It is free! @Vivian

IFC Center

Location: 323 6th Ave.
Features: foreign language films, independent films, documentary films, classic reviews

The IFC Center focuses on the screening of foreign language independent films and documentary films, as well as a specific series of screenings every weekend. From Friday to Sunday morning, there will be “The Weekend Classics” for specific themes or filmmakers, such as the Fellini Film Festival. There are also midnight movies on Fridays and Saturdays, including Alejandro Jodorowsky’s “El Topo” and “The Holy Mountain”. Independent films include films released by their parent company IFC Films. IFC and the Lincoln Center will often show movies at the same time, one in the south and one in the north – providing convenience for fans on Manhattan Island. IFC also often works with Janus Films. @Yue

Hayao Miyazaki’s animations are often shown in the summer. And also screened “The House That Jack Built”, which was not allowed to show in public. The interior of the theater is old, but it has a scarlet restroom and a convenient location – close to New York University and closer West 4 subway station, and there are a Feida Bakery selling $3.5 rice chicken snacks. @Vivian

Film Forum

Location: 209 W. Houston St.
Features: academic, film education base

The Film Forum is not far from IFC. Unlike IFC, the Film Forum is the only autonomous non-profit theater in New York. It’s hard to imagine that it has been in business for more than 40 years since 1970. Film Forum leader Karen Cooper plans the premiere of domestic independent film and foreign language arthouse films, while Bruce Goldstein is in charge of the old film and retrospective units. Janus Pictures and Rialto Pictures (a company founded by Goldstein) are key partners, such as Akazawa’s “Chaos” in 2015 and “Pierrot le fou” by Godard. @Yue

The Film Forum used itself as a film education base, and I saw Bergman’s films here. In the promotional video, a director said that his taste is cultivated by the Film Forum. After the renovation in 2018, a column moved to the side and solved the problem of blocked sight. @Vivian

Angelika Film Center

Location: 18 W Houston St.
Features: new movies, old posters, cheesecakes

The cinema is located in the hustling SOHO area, and a total of six cinemas are showing independent films. Many independent new films will choose Angelika as the premiere place. The cinema in this theater is also the most “deep” in New York. In other words, the screen is not very big, but the theater space is particularly deep, so the audience with poor eyesight should sit as close as possible. In addition, since the cinema is underground and close to the MTA, you can feel the vibration of the subway passing by during the movie from time to time. @YOU

Angelika’s cheesecake is very famous. There was a birthday party here and it also contributed to a couple. The cinema is really small! But the old posters posted in the hall are really stylish. @Vivian

Anthology Film Archives (AFA)

Location: 32 2nd Ave, New York, NY 10003
Features: Academic

AFA is probably the most maverick New York arthouse theaters. Of course, this is because of the founder of the Archives, the famous independent/avant-garde filmmaker Jonas Mekas, who in 1970 and four others (including Stan Brahag) promoted the film as concept of art. The establishment of the “must watch the movie” collection has then evolved into AFA. The current daily screenings include Essential Cinema, Premieres/Revivals, Retrospectives, and Series. In general, its curatorial ideas are related to the history of the film and the medium of the film itself. AFA’s activities often follow the footsteps of the film industry or academia. For example, the “Barthes at the Movies” retrospective in April revolves around the legacy of Philip Watts, a professor of French at Columbia University. @Yue


It is of my favorite cinemas in New York, the ticket stub is very distinctive and has student tickets. Some of film resources are very difficult to find.
This form has the Essential Cinema movie that Yue mentioned. There are currently 536 pieces, which are still being updated. AFA will also occasionally put some very rare short film collections, which are rare to find or see outside of AFA. On Valentine’s Day, they put “We Won’t Grow Old Together” for two consecutive years. @Caroline


Location: 7 Ludlow St.
Features: curatorial awareness is strong, fans are the most fashionable

The Metrograph Cinema is located in Chinatown, and although it is next to a funeral parlour, its popularity has not been affected. The curatorial quality since the opening in March this year is very high, and most are 35mm film screenings, many of which are rare (for example, there are only two versions of Carol film in the world). Even with only two screens, Metrograph has hosted a number of themes or retrospectives, including Fassbinder’s favorite top ten (Visconti “Nazi Devil”, Pasolini “Sodom 120 Days”, Max Orpheus “Laura Montis”, etc. and Brian De Palma retrospective exhibition, it became one of the most visited movie spots in New York in just a few months. @Yue

I especially like curator Aliza Ma, who has shown many excellent Chinese films. In May 2018, Zhang Aijia was invited to do her retrospective exhibition, as well as a post-show, which made people very surprised. She said that because there are only two screens, there is room for mistakes, so you can try to screen a variety of films. I still remember watching the “Carnival” movie, the night of thunder and lightning, the happiness of eating squid in the restaurant on the second floor of the theater with friends. In November 18th, there was also the Creative Chinese Culture Festival in cooperation with the Beijing Contemporary Art Foundation. There were special screenings of Huang Ji and Yang Li Na, highlighting the female voices in the independent film filed..

Aliza Ma once told me that because the theater is not big, there are only two screens, so she is willing to do an experiment. The theater tries to save money, so it does not make too much publicity. It has a great catalogue booklet, and attracts fans with a yellowish retro atmosphere. The style of the webpage is also retro, and the curatorial preface is well written. @Vivian

China Institute

Location: 40 Rector St, 2nd floor
Features: Film Society Film Society

It does not have a format cinemas yet, but there are projection devices. President Zhou established the “Film Commune” in September of 18, and currently screened “Crow and Sparrow”, “Platform”, “The Troubleshooters” and other films @Vivian



Museum of the Moving Image (MoMI)

Location: 36-01 35th Ave., Queens
Features: Academic

Like MoMA, MoMI’s screenings are part of the museum’s curatorial content (each screening has a well-prepared handout). The screenings are mainly retrospectives and national film festivals. For example, in the summer of 2016, MoMI held two large retrospectives of Sang-soo Hong and Ahn Zhe back to back. A, the screening of MoMI arthouse films seems to be slower, and the films that were missed at FSLC or IFC can be added later in MoMI. It is worth mentioning that in May 16th, Anna Karina came to New York to participate in the North American premiere of Godard’s “Bande à part”, and held screenings at the Film Forum, BAM and MoMI. It can be seen that although the arts and cinemas in New York are separate, they will cooperate and complement each other in many cases (not to mention the circulation of staff). @Yue

MOMI is also a movie theater that I like very much. Every time I walk into the auditorium, I feel like going through time and space. The seat is friendly and does not block the sight. @Caroline



Film Noir Cinema

Location: 122 Meserole Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11222
Features: private cinema renovation

A small cinema changed from a private video hall, and there are enough parking space around. The owner is a very interesting Polish man. His reading is very impressive. Basically, only one film is screened every day. According to the owner’s personal preference, Cult is often screened. @Caroline



Location: 136 Metropolitan Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11249
Features: Cocktails with movies

The only theatre that screens “The Last Night on Earth” in midnight. Great for drink and sleep. @Vivian


Alamo Drafthouse Cinema Downtown Brooklyn

Location: 445 Albee Square W #4, Brooklyn, NY 11201 (in City Point Shopping Center)
Features: fan curation, theme catering

See the long story by Siyuan: “Alamo Drafthouse Cinema: Paradise Cinemas for Movies”


Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM)

Location: Brooklyn Center
Coordinates: BAM Rose Cinemas, 30 Lafayette Ave., Brooklyn
Features: Focus on social issues

In order to provide convenience to Brooklyn fans, the historic BAM (known as the Academy, the Performing Arts Center) was converted into a cinema in 1998 to showcase old films and independent films. Similar to the Lincoln Center, BAM is Brooklyn’s cultural center with movies, operas, dramas, lectures, concerts, and more. Compared with other theaters, the BAM art theater has a lower curatorial frequency, but the selection is also unique. @Yue

Elegantly decorated, carved top, crystal light. Charlie Chaplin reminds you to turn off or mute your phone. The paper Line Up is very beautiful. The theme of BAM curation emphasizes the colored people and women, and it has a strong sense of innovation. @Vivian

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PS: I hope this is a constantly improving map. We welcome your cinema evaluation and suggestions. If there are missing theaters, I hope you leave a message below.

At the same time, I am slowly forming a “New York Film Group”, “LA Film Group” and “America Film Film Group” outside the two places, hoping to connect strangers through movies. If you are interested in seeing movies together, online recommendations, or have any questions, you can send “Name + City” to my WeChat vivian_afro.

I hope you enjoy the movie! For city and city rovers, give them more love, and less loneliness.

纽约攻略 | 一张艺术电影院地图,给你我的记忆和快乐


聊起纽约这座城市,我总是两眼放光,和朋友们眼中的纽约一比较,才知道我的地图上不仅标注着地标(从来没正经去过的帝国大厦、自由女神像、布鲁克林大桥),世界各地美食(鳗鱼饭、小龙虾、韩国城、鲜芋仙),创意博物馆(Met修道院、Tenement Museum移民故事博物馆),百老汇&先锋剧场(La Mama,Yangtze Rep Theatre),文艺街区(东村、soho、posteritati vintage movie posters),还有一张星罗密布的艺术影院地图!

纽约的电影院给我提供了最温馨的角落,不挑天气,不论心情(而且是最便宜的娱乐方式之一)。尤其是艺术影院会放映高人气的经典老片(IFC情人节放《卡萨布兰卡》)、日本动漫(Metrograph放过EVA,《攻壳机动队》)、各类主题展映,甚至支持边吃拉面边看电影(见“Alamo Draft House: 各路影迷的天堂电影院”)。电影院帮助我建立了和纽约座城市的情感纽带,我也想把这份快乐(激动的小心心)传递给大家,无论你是常驻的纽约客(可以加入纽约观影团一起看电影),还是想来纽约做迷影深度游,希望这篇文章对你有用~




上西区 Upper West Side


Film at Lincoln Center

坐标:Walter Reade Theatre: 165 W. 65th St.(65街一侧)
Film at Lincoln Center – Elinor Bunin Munroe Film Center:144 W 65th St(65街另一侧,内有140座的Francesca Beale Theater,以及85座的Howard Gilman Theater)

林肯中心作为纽约文化活动地标,其电影放映主要在Walter Reade Theatre进行,也会在其对面的Elinor Bunin Munroe Film Center。除了举办一年一度的纽约电影节(NYFF),每天都有新老影片放映和较为频繁的主题影展(比如亚洲电影节NYAFF、新晋导演影展等)或回顾展。放映模式多为数字电影放映(DCP),而主题影展或者回顾展(比如四月底的早期酷儿电影影展)则会有35mm胶片放映。因为影厅数量较少,一般在此地进行的影展周期会特别长(一个礼拜到一个月),有些影片在一个系列中只有一到两场。大多数导演会出席在此举办的北美甚至是全球的首映。@Yue
有五十年历史的林肯中心(原来叫做Film Society of Lincoln Center,为了吸引年轻人,扔掉了协会的字样)常举办各式各样的电影节,近期是纽约亚洲电影节(2019.6.28-7.14)。纽约电影节的时间是2019.9.27-10.13,别错过提前买套票的机会啦。当然也可以佛系抢票(来纽约观影群捡漏)甚至稍等一阵,不少电影会上院线放映。林肯中心有3个影厅,具体名字在票面的右上角,第一次来需要留足时间找路,影院在马路的两侧。@Vivian
Landmark 57

坐标:657 West 57th Street


上东区 Upper East Side

Asia Society

坐标:725 Park Ave, New York, NY 10021

French Institute & Alliance Française (FIAF)

坐标:55 E 59th St

NJ à petits pas Excellence (ages 2½-4)

FI.AF Florence Gould Hall 与60街的FI.AF相通,是FI.AF众多活动的场地兼影院,偶尔还承包包含巴黎歌剧与芭蕾团在内的音乐舞蹈类演出。主厅大小适中,有像电影节影院一样的舒适座位和高质量音效。

放映结束后厅外还有Le Val和Kronenbourg 1664提供免费酒水,特别好喝,完全可以为酒来看场电影;)在影厅外的交流会采用的巴黎沙龙形式让观众可以自由交流对电影本身或历史背景的想法,尤其对于francophone文化爱好者,这是一个会让人如鱼得水的环境。

从个人经历来讲,有一次看一部现代意识流感很强的法语片Par Exemple, Électre “比如, 戏剧”,遇到了一个看似很有法式特征的大叔,他来邀请我聊了电影观后感之后才得知,他是一个希腊和意大利工程师,对电影美食及生活有很多热情。在这里的观众中这样的电影爱好者很常见,所以氛围很轻松同时内容又富有内涵,是纽约绝佳的法国文化交流地。


曼哈顿中城 Midtown Manhattan

Museum of Modern Art (MoMA)

坐标:Titus 1/2 Theatre, 11 W. 53th St.

MoMA的电影放映主要以回顾展为主,比如2016年5月初施特劳布和惠勒特回顾展、暑期李屏宾和河濑直美回顾展。每年一次的修复电影展也在MoMA举行,例如在北影和上影放映的《晚春》就在MoMA做了全球首映,日本松竹公司派出代表出席了首映活动,同一个系列包括了费里尼《阿玛柯德》和香特尔·阿克曼《让娜·迪尔曼》等等。MoMA有三个常用的影厅,所以回顾展的周期同样很长,每天放映也一般集中在下午(周末)和晚上。而MoMA与林肯中心也是有合作,比如每年的新锐导演影展(New Directors/New Films)。


Japan Society

坐标:333 E. 47th St.

每年夏天的Japan Cuts都会放映当年新的日本电影,跟一些有特色的电影回顾,每年六月放票(如果不对请指正),有兴趣的朋友可以提前买票,大热的电影一般很快就会sold out(我去年看的《红猪》,当天去买的话,已经售罄)。2018年夏天放了回顾《步履不停》,还请了树木希林。新片放了《花筐》,《春宵苦短少女前进吧》,以及动画改编的《死神》。平常会放一些电影回顾,比如宫崎骏系列。看电影之前可以参观博物馆,博物馆本身还会有一些自己的活动。@Caroline

AMC Empire25

坐标:234 W 42nd St, New York, NY 10036
特色:院线片,华语片,宝莱坞片 *一般不会显示在A list app的首页,需要搜索

当华语电影小规模上映的时候,AMC Empire25通常在影院名单里。虽然这是商业院线,但它很特殊。我在这里看过张艺谋的《影》,白雪的《过春天》(有时候2周就下映了,要赶紧),一直很想约朋友去体验一下观众更high的宝莱坞电影。@Vivian

曼哈顿下城 Lower Manhattan

Quad Cinema
坐标:34 W 13th St.


Village East Cinema

坐标:181-189 2nd Ave
翠贝卡电影期间的媒体场在这里,我拿着记者证看了《One Child Nation》《Lost Transmissions》。18年12月,吴皓导演的《虚你人生》曾在此放映一周,有映后谈。@Vivian

Fourth Wall Cinema (NYU社团)

坐标:721 Broadway, 6th Floor

学期中的每周五晚上,NYU同学组织Fourth Wall Cinema社团放映外语片,不定期对公众开放,可以关注以上Facebook页面了解每期活动详情。社团曾经邀请杨明明导演做《女导演》的映后谈,黄信尧导演聊《大佛》短片和纪录片,放映过5个片段120种可能的97年实验电影《蓝月》,当然还有其他国家导演如阿彼察邦的作品。场地是NYU电影研究的教室,属于小型影厅,所以也算是一种另类的电影院,关键是免费哟!@Vivian

IFC Center

坐标:323 6th Ave.

IFC Center以放映外语独立电影和纪录长片为主,同时每个周末都有特定的系列放映。周五至周日早上会有特定主题或者影人的“周末经典”(Weekend Classics),比如费里尼影展。周五和周六也有午夜场电影,往期包括佐杜洛夫斯基(Alejandro Jodorowsky)《鼹鼠》(El Topo)和《圣山》(The Holy Mountain)等邪典电影。独立电影中以其母公司IFC Films发行的影片为主。IFC与林肯中心会经常同期放映电影,正好一南一北也给曼哈顿岛的影迷提供了方便。IFC也常和雅努斯影业(Janus Films)合作。@Yue
夏天经常放映宫崎骏动画,也曾胆大包天放过未过审查的疯蹄儿导演剪辑版《此房是我造》。剧场内部老旧,但是有猩红色洗手间和便利的地理位置,靠近纽约大学,更靠近West 4地铁站,地铁站边有飞达饼屋卖3块5的糯米珍珠鸡。@Vivian

Film Forum

坐标:209 W. Houston St.

Film Forum距离IFC不远,两者的电影策展风格也非常接近。与IFC不同的是,Film Forum是纽约唯一一家自主非盈利影院,很难想象它自1970年创办以来已经走过了四十多个年头。Film Forum负责人凯伦·库珀(Karen Cooper)策划国内独立电影和外语艺术电影的首映,而布鲁斯·戈尔茨坦(Bruce Goldstein)则掌管老片与回顾展单元。雅努斯影业与里亚托电影(Rialto Pictures,戈尔茨坦创办的公司)为主要合作伙伴,例如2015年黑泽明《乱》和戈达尔《狂人皮埃罗》(Pierrot le fou)。@Yue

Film Forum把自己当做电影教育基地,我受到教育看了伯格曼的电影。在宣传视频中,一位导演说自己的观影品位都是Film Forum培养的。2018年整修了以后,柱子移到一边,解决了视线受阻的问题。@Vivian

Angelika Film Center

坐标:18 W Houston St.


Anthology Film Archives (AFA)

位置:32 2nd Ave, New York, NY 10003

AFA可能是纽约艺术影院里最有个性,也是最有故事的一个。当然,这要归功于档案馆的创始人、著名独立/先锋电影人乔纳斯·梅卡斯(Jonas Mekas),1970年他与另外四人(包括斯坦·布拉哈格)为了推广电影作为艺术这一理念,建立“必看电影”收藏,之后便演化成了AFA。目前的日常放映包括必看电影(Essential Cinema)、首映/重映(Premieres/Revivals)、回顾展(Retrospectives)、主题影展(Series)等单元,而总体来说,策展思想不离电影史和电影这个媒介本身。AFA的活动经常紧跟电影圈或是学术界的脚步,比如4月“罗兰·巴特看电影”(Barthes at the Movies)回顾展就是围绕着哥伦比亚大学法语系教授菲利普·瓦茨(Philip Watts)遗作《罗兰·巴特的电影》(Roland Barthes’ Cinema, Oxford University Press, 2016)展开的。@Yue

这个表单有Yue提到的Essential Cinema的电影,目前一共有536部,还在不断更新。AFA还会不定期的放一些非常稀有的短片合集,稀有到很难在AFA之外的地方找到或者看到。情人节连续两年放了“We Won’t Grow Old Together”。@Caroline


坐标:7 Ludlow St.

Metrograph影院位于中国城,虽然开在一家殡仪馆的边上,人气却丝毫没有受到影响。今年三月开幕以来的策展质量非常之高,而且大多数影片为35mm胶片放映,其中不乏少见的版本(例如全球只有两版的《卡罗尔》胶片)。即便只有两块银幕,Metrograph已经举办了多场主题或者回顾展,包括法斯宾德最爱十佳(维斯康蒂《纳粹狂魔》、帕索里尼《索多玛120天》、马克斯·奥菲尔斯《劳拉·蒙蒂斯》等)和德帕尔玛(Brian De Palma)回顾展,也正因此在短短数月就成为纽约观影胜地之一。@Yue
特别喜欢策展人Aliza Ma,她展映了许多优秀的华语片。18年5月份请来张艾嘉本人,做她的回顾展,还有干货十足的映后访谈,让人万分惊喜。她说,正因为只有2块银幕,有试错的空间,所以可以尝试放各种各样的片子。还记得看完《嘉年华》电影,雷电交加的夜晚,在影院二楼餐厅和朋友避雨吃鳟鱼的幸福。18年11月还有与北京当代艺术基金会合作的创意中国文化节,有黄骥和杨荔钠的专题放映,突出独立电影版图里的女性声音,非常有策展意识和新锐眼光。

我曾问过Aliza Ma,她说因为影院不大,只有两块银幕,所以愿意实验,也输得起。影院尽量节省开支,不做太过宣传品,只做一份精良的目录小册子,用泛黄的复古气息吸引影迷。网页的风格也是复古的,私人的,策展前言都写得很好。@Vivian

China Institute

坐标:40 Rector St,2nd floor
特色:电影公社Film Society


皇后区 Queens

Museum of the Moving Image (MoMI)

坐标:36-01 35th Ave., Queens
和MoMA相同,MoMI的放映是博物馆策展内容的一部分(每一次放映都有一份精心准备的、讲义式的一份介绍)。放映内容以回顾展和国别影展为主,比如2016年暑假MoMI就背靠背举办了洪尚秀和安哲两个大型回顾展。同时,MoMI艺术电影的放映似乎要慢上一拍,或许在FSLC或是IFC错过的影片在MoMI能够晚些时候补上。值得一提的是,16年5月安娜·卡里娜(Anna Karina)来纽约参加戈达尔《法外之徒》修复版北美首映,分别在Film Forum、BAM和MoMI三处举办放映见面会,可见纽约虽然艺术影院各自为政,在很多情况下也会合作互补(更不要说人员上的相互流通了)。@Yue

布鲁克林 Brooklyn

Film Noir Cinema

坐标:122 Meserole Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11222


坐标:136 Metropolitan Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11249

Nitehawk Cinema – New York’s Premier Dine-in Theater

在凌晨放《地球最后的夜晚》的只有这一家了,适合微醺入眠。 @Vivian

Alamo Drafthouse Cinema Downtown Brooklyn

坐标:445 Albee Square W #4, Brooklyn, NY 11201
(City Point Shopping Center里)

见思源吹爆Alamo的长文:“Alamo Drafthouse Cinema: 各路影迷的天堂电影院”

Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM)

坐标:BAM Rose Cinemas, 30 Lafayette Ave., Brooklyn



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