A Film That Belongs to the Future: “Vanishing Days” at Marrakech Film Festival


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Written by Jiexiao Ying 2018.12.11

Translated by Pei Shang 2019.6.14

The Marrakech International Film Festival (FIFM), held annually in Morocco, is one of the largest film events in North Africa. Since the deep-pocketed Festival is endorsed by the entire French film industry, a prominent group of participants and moguls of art films gathered in Morocco this December. The Cannes Artistic Director Thierry Frémaux was invited as a speaker in its important new talk series, with other well-known filmmakers Agnes Varda, Cristian Mungiu, Robert De Niro, and Guillermo del Toro. The luxurious jury team was led by famous arthouse film director James Gray. Marrakech in December was almost like Cannes in May, with numerous film stars and filmmakers.

This year, undoubtedly, the biggest change in the Marrakech Film Festival is the arrival of its new Artistic Director Christoph Terhechte. As the former head of the Berlinale Forum, he is highly praised for discovering avant-garde films and nurturing new generation filmmakers. Ending his nearly-twenty-year job at Berlinale in the mid of 2018, Terhechte joined the FIFM to revamp this brand, which aims to promote avant-garde directors.

22-year-old director Zhu Xin recently graduated from the Film and Television Department of the China Academy of Art. His debut feature Vanishing Days is the only Chinese film selected to Marrakech’s main competition for this year’s Gold Star Award. The film was made and produced by Midnight Blur and Midday Hill Films, Hangzhou Chengying Co., Ltd. and a Korean company—Lu Films participating in its production. Midnight Blur’s branch of international sales, PARALLAX Films, takes responsibility for film festival submissions and international sales. “Vanishing Days” has been premiered at the New Currents Program of the 23rd Busan International Film Festival in 2018.

Twitter movie influencer, the president of International Cinephile Society, Cédric Succivalli, tweeted that this 22-year-old director filmed “Proustian musings of a young Chinese girl.”  He added that “A film full of arresting grace and tenderness with stunning cinematography and haunting Weerasethakulian sequences.” He praised this film as the best Chinese debut since Bi Gan’s Kaili Blues.

December 5th, 2018 was the premiere day of Vanishing Days at Marrakech Film Festival and was also the birthday of the jury member, famous British director Lynne Ramsay (Ratcatcher, You Were Never Really Here). President James Gray shouted “Happy Birthday!” before the screening. The entire movie theater was full of joy. From the master class of famous filmmakers to the lively atmosphere of the scene, and the enthusiastic audience, all of these present the appreciation of the filmmakers at the Marrakech International Film Festival. As a witness, Zhu Xin felt the respect and welcome to filmmakers, as well as the careful care of all aspects at FIFM.

At the closing ceremony, Sudabeh Mortezai’s second feature Joy was awarded the Golden Star Award for best film and she accepted the prize from the famous Italian actress Monica Bellucci. Although Vanishing Days did not win an official award, it is a journey of adventures and emotions for Zhu Xin. At Marrakech, he met viewers who respected movies and loved Vanishing Days. The film students from the Ecole Supérieure des Arts Visuels, after watching and discussing all the competition films in the Festival, gave their Best Film Award to Vanishing Days. They also gave the Best Sound Award to express their appreciation for the low melody and background sound in Vanishing Days.

The wonderful encounter between Zhu Xin and the Ecole Supérieure des Arts Visuels started with Professor Hamid Fardjad. Professor Fardjad is a member of the jury. He was amazed at the highly personal cinematic expression of Vanishing Days. So he invited Zhu Xin to have a face-to-face conversation with his students at the School on the second day. Originally Zhu Xin thought that it was only a short meeting, but he unexpectedly talked about 3 hours to answer more than 20 students’ questions. FIFM’s Artistic Director Christoph’s son Anton, who used to study Chinese at Peking University, was the translator for this event. With his kind help, Zhu Xin could talk about film structure and content with French-speaking students.

For Zhu Xin, the Marrakech International Film Festival enabled him to meet the audiences who really liked Vanishing Days. After the screening, more than half of the 1400 audiences did not leave but stayed for the Q&A session. They kept asking questions and were eager to express their views on the film. An uncle held Xin’s hand tightly, and said that it was a “poetic movie.” Another professor, an old lady, said that “through this film, you can see the beauty of movie from the cracks of stone.” Zhu Xin truly felt the heart of the fans, and stated, “It was like strangers who were not familiar with each other, but they have experienced a long story with you, and still remembered every detail in the story, so we got close at once.”

When the event came to an end, Zhu Xin experienced the most touching scene at the closing ceremony. Among the group of jury members, professor Fardjad sat alone and felt empty. When seeing Zhu Xin, professor Fardjad asked him to come over and hugged him tightly, saying “Don’t change, regardless of what others think of you.” Professor Fardjad claimed that Vanishing Days was the best film this year in his mind, and his students also thought so. “It’s unimportant whether it’s awarded or not.” Like hugging his own grandpa, Zhu Xin felt deep warmth, but he didn’t know when he could see professor once again after this meeting.

Au revoir, Marrakech, thanks to the Marrakech International Film Festival for bringing people together. Zhu Xin said: “I didn’t think that in Marrakech, this faraway and strange city, we can become so intimate and affectionate through a movie.”

Winners of the 17th Marrakech International Film Festival

Golden Star Award
Sudabeh Mortezai

The Jury Prize
“The Chambermaid”
Lila Avilés

Best Director Award
Ognjen Glavonic
Directing “The Load”

Best Actor Award
Nidhal Saadi
Starring Nejib Belkadhi’s “Look At Me”

Best Actress Award
Aenne Schwarz
Starring Eva Trobisch’s “All Good”


Ecole Supérieure des Arts Visuels

Winners list

Golden Star Award
“Vanishing Days”
Zhu Xin

Best Actress Award
Mary Kay Place

Best Actor Award
Dario Grandinetti

Best Achievement Award
Ognjen Glavonic
“The Load”

Best Scenic Design Award
Nejib Belkadhi
“Look At Me”

Best Sound Award
Music Tao Zhen, Sound Akritchalerm Kalayanamitr (Rit)
“Vanishing Days”

Best Photography Award
Futa Takagi
“Red Snow”

Best Editing Award
Nina Altaparmakova


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推特电影节达人,国际迷影协会(International Cinephile Society)主席Cédric Succivalli发布推文,惊叹这位22岁的导演拍出了一个中国女孩的普鲁斯特式沉思。令人着迷的优雅和温柔弥散了整部影片,还有出色的摄影,阿彼察邦式的悬疑。他称赞这部影片是继毕赣《路边野餐》之后,最好的华语处女作。


在闭幕式上,意大利著名演员莫妮卡·贝鲁奇将最佳影片金星奖颁给了苏达贝摩特扎伊(Sudabeh Mortezai)的第二部长片《欢乐》(Joy)。虽然《漫游》未获得官方奖项,但对祝新来说,这是一趟充满奇遇和感动的旅程。在这里,他遇到了尊重电影,喜爱《漫游》的观众。而来自马拉喀什高等视觉艺术学院(Ecole Supérieure des Arts Visuels)的专业学生,在看完电影节的全部竞赛影片后,经过充分讨论,把心目中的最佳影片颁给了《漫游》,还新增了最佳音效奖,表达对《漫游》影片中低沉旋律和背景音效的赞赏。

说起祝新与马拉喀什高等视觉艺术学院的缘分,还得从结识Hamid Fardjad教授开始。教授是评委会的成员。他惊异于《漫游》极具个人色彩的影像表达,于是邀请祝新第二天和他在高等视觉艺术学院的学生进行面对面的交流。原本以为这只是一次短暂的会面,没有想到,面对20多位同学的轮番发问,祝新侃侃而谈了三个多小时。马拉喀什国际电影节艺术总监克里斯托弗的儿子Anton曾在北京大学学习中文,是祝新此次摩洛哥执行的翻译,在他的帮助下,祝新得以深入电影结构与内容本身,与说法语的同学们畅聊。


当盛会落下帷幕,祝新在闭幕酒会上遇到了最感动他的一幕。酒会现场音乐很响,在一堆评委中,Hamid Fardjad老先生就一个人坐着,眼神有点放空。他一眼看到祝新,招呼他过去。他用力地拥抱着导演,不停地说:不要去管别人,不要变。”Fardjad教授说,《漫游》是他心中今年最好的电影,学生的评选里最佳电影也是这一部,有没有获奖其实并不重要。就像抱着他自己的爷爷一样,祝新感到深深的温暖,可他不知道,马拉喀什一别什么时候还可以再见到他。

Au revoir, 马拉喀什,感谢马拉喀什国际电影节带来人们的相遇。祝新说:我没有想到在马拉喀什这么遥远、陌生的地方,我们可以通过一部电影,变得这么亲密,这么深情。” 




苏达贝摩特扎伊(Sudabeh Mortezai



《女服务员》(The Chambermaid

利拉·阿维尔斯(Lila Avilés



奥涅金·格拉沃尼奇(Ognjen Glavonic

执导《空间》(The Load



Nidhal Saadi

出演Nejib Belkadhi导演的《看着我》( Look At Me



Aenne Schwarz

出演Eva Trobisch导演的《一切都好》(All Good


马拉喀什高等视觉艺术学院(Ecole Supérieure des Arts Visuels




祝新《漫游》(Vanishing Days



玛丽··普莱斯(Mary Kay Place




达里奥·格兰迪内蒂(Dario Grandinetti



奥涅金·格拉沃尼奇(Ognjen Glavonic

《空间》(The Load


Nejib Belkadhi

《看着我》(Look At Me



作曲陶桢,音效Akritchalerm Kalayanamitr(Rit)

《漫游》(Vanishing Days



Futa Takagi

《赤血》(Red Snow



Nina Altaparmakova






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