Jiexiao “Vivian” Ying 应婕晓 hails from Hangzhou, China. I am now a New-York based freelancer, specializing in Chinese arthouse film distribution and film critic.

I am passionate about the distribution of arthouse films targeted at a niche market. I have done social media outreach and organized film events for Chinese arthouse films, Ash is Purest White 江湖儿女(2018) and Long Day’s Journey into Night 地球最后的夜晚(2018). For more information, please check out my LinkedIn.

As a New York agent for Parallax Films 视幻文化, I also bring Chinese arthouse films to the international audience by finding local distributors, such as I’ve Got a Little Problem 我有一个忧郁的,小问题 (2017) distributed by Cinema Guild, and Girls Always Happy 柔情史 (2017) distributed by Icarus Films. I am the social media manager for all the channels, from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter to WeChat and Weibo.

My training in the NYU Cinema Studies MA and Chinese Literature BA at Fudan University has encouraged me to embrace the cross-cultural identity through cinema and see the theatres as a venue to connect people with collective experience. Now I have built a 3000-member online community of filmmakers and cinephiles on WeChat over the world, where film lovers can connect with each other, exchange casting info, and watch films together.

If you are looking to hire an international sales specializing in the Chinese market, a Chinese community outreach coordinator, a social media content provider, a film critic, or simply wish to join the film community on WeChat, please contact me at vivian.14.ying@gmail.com or WeChat vivian_afro.


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